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Océano Patagonia helping to reduce plastic pollution

Plastic pollution in our oceans is one of the greatest threats to marine wildlife… and a horror to see on the world’s beautiful beaches. Did you know that when you choose to use a refillable water bottle, you will keep approximately 167 single-use water bottles out of landfills and oceans?

Océano Patagonia is working with the students of the Global Initiatives Network (GIN) at the Lincoln International School in Buenos Aires to create awareness and change habits related to single-use plastics. With the support of Océano Patagonia, and the great enthusiasm found within the Parents at Lincoln (PAL) committee, for the first time the school will not sell bottled water at its largest and most important public event, Lincoln International Day. Instead, water centres will be installed throughout the grounds to offer an environmentally conscious and healthy alternative to the hundreds of visitors received by the school community on this day.

To support this behaviour change, GIN students designed a “Refill not Landfill” logo for use on refillable bottles that they will sell at the event. Funds from this sale will support the school’s process to be recognized as a Green School.

We are super proud of these young people who work hard to change the world!

The people who make the biggest difference are the ones who do the little things consistently.

Our school initiative is one of the many measures we take at Océano Patagonia to educate about the health of the world’s oceans and support the behavior change needed to save our beautiful marine life. As supporters of the initiative #Take3fortheSea orchestrated by take3.org and as a sustainable hotel proudly recognized by Hoteles Más Verdes, we are committed to protecting our natural environment and the beautiful creatures that call it home.

For more information about this project, or any of our investments related to eco-tourism or sustainable development, contact us at info@oceanopatagonia.com