Oceano Patagonia

Whale Watching

From shore, boat or submarine, Puerto Pirámides is recognized as the best location in the world to view whales. June through December, boat tours to view the Southern Right Whale leave from the beach directly in front of Océano Patagonia.

Orcas (Killer Whales) visit the northern points of the peninsula February to May. Peninsula Valdés offers the most unique Orca encounter in the world… the only location where Orcas surf the waves hunting for baby seals on the shore, intentionally stranding themselves then recovering to swim away with their catch. Research has indicated that not only is this spectacular behaviour unique to our location, but that it is not “instinctive”, rather a learned behaviour and Orcas can be seen training their young in the technique!

Many local beaches, including our own, offer excellent views of the whales right from the shore. Contact us directly and we will organize your whale tour for you: info@oceanopatagonia.com

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