Oceano Patagonia

Land Exploration

There are more than 400 km of gravel roads to explore within the wildlife sanctuary. Independently or with local tour companies, you can enjoy unprecedented access to wild beaches, beautiful vistas and the numerous wild inhabitants on the peninsula. Some excellent destinations by car: Punta Norte, home to the only continental land-based Elephant Seal colony in the world; Punta Loma, a rookery of Southern Sea Lions; and Punta Delgada, at the tip of the Peninsula where an old lighthouse has been renovated into a hotel.

Hiking and Beachcombing

Hundreds of kilometers of shoreline offer great wildlife sightings, a variety of pristine beaches, marine fossil viewing, gorgeous sunsets, and varied desert terrain for those who prefer to experience this oasis on foot. Just a short walk from Océano Patagonia is one of the best-known South American Sea Lion colonies which tends to its young from December to March. And Piedra Gaucha, a second long, secluded sandy beach just 5 minutes stroll along our beach. For the more adventurous, Punta Pardelas beach, reached trekking along the cliffs, is located 12 km away and a beautiful location for fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Mountain Biking

Over sand dunes and beaches, visit deserted and beautiful locations by mountain bike. Guided  programs from half or full days to several days can be arranged to suit every physical level and include all equipment.

Horseback Riding

Experience the beach and desert terrain of the peninsula from the back of the famous Argentine Criollo horse, a breed renowned for its stamina, beauty and gentle nature.

Museums & Towns

The province of Chubut has a unique and varied history, both human and prehistoric. Day trips include: visiting the dinosaurs at the museum for Palaentology Egidio Feruglio in Trelew; the UNESCO interpretative centre; having traditional Welsh tea in Gaiman, a small town that guards its language, heritage, and architecture; and farm tours near the beautiful and tranquil town of Dolavan.

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