Oceano Patagonia

Water Sports


Join local guides for an interpretive tour of the near ocean and shore marine life, including close encounters with sea lions. Recommended for the entire family. No prior experience needed.

Sandboarding & Standup Paddle Board (SUP)

Sand surfing and paddle boarding can be enjoyed in the experienced hands of local trusted experts. Whether calmly paddling in our calm bay or taking a thrilling ride amides the sand dunes, all equipment and instruction is provided. No prior experience needed.

Diving & Snorkeling

The bays near our Océano Patagonia offer crystal-clear, aquarium-like waters for you to explore in the company of sea lions and other mammals and fish within the magical marine world.

Contact us to book your adventure: info@oceanopatagonia.com

¡Hola! Gracias por contactarnos! Si le gustaría hospedarse sobre la playa en el eco-hotel Océano Patagonia, por favor, nos envía su email, fechas y cantidad de huéspedes. Le pasaré a le brevedad detalles del disponibilidad y el valor del alojamiento a su email.

Hi! Thank you for contacting us! If you would like to stay on the beach in the eco-hotel Océano Patagonia, please, send us your email, dates and number of guests in your party. We will respond shortly to your email with availability and the value of your accomodation.
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