Oceano Patagonia


Océano Patagonia: included in the Chubut Innovation Guide 2017

Océano Patagonia: Wild Coast Residence has been selected by the Chubut Ministry of Production as one of the most innovative projects in the province and is now represented in detail in the Chubut Innovation Guide for 2017. “It is really an honor to be included in this guide. There are[…]

Océano Patagonia: finalist in the Sustainable Hotel competition

The word “sustainable” has become a popular marketing term. But for Océano Patagonia: Wild Coast Residence, the word sustainable really means something. Sustainable development balances care for the environment with community economic development. The goal of Océano Patagonia’s developers was to build the best boutique accommodation in the area, in[…]

Already there are 700 Whales in the Gulf! Only YOU are missing!

The whale census counted 700 Southern Right Whales and their babies in Golfo Nuevo last Friday. Two of their babies are albinos! The whales are here and you too could be here to see them with your own eyes!  Océano Patagonia: Wild Coast Residence offers special rates this time of[…]

Océano Patagonia – In the Top 7 Luxury Resorts Argentina!

Océano Patagonia: Wild Coast Residence was recently recognized by www.theculturetrip.com as one of the top 7 luxury resorts in Argentina ! Along with memorable and renowned locations such as Llao LLao Hotel & Resort Golf Spa, Cavas Wine Lodge, Arakur Resort & Spa, Gkapasai, Kkala Boutique hotel and Algodon Mansion,[…]

Océano Patagonia #1 Beautiful Place to Enjoy Argentina this Spring

The CultureTrip placed Océano Patagonia: Wild Coast Residence as number 1 on their list of beautiful places to enjoy in Argentina this Spring! 1. Watch whales in Chubut Well, actually, more than whales. Between April and June in Argentina’s Península Valdes, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you can see colonies of elephant[…]

ThePerfectHideaway & Océano Patagonia: Wild Coast Residence

A special thank you to ThePerfectHideaway for selecting Océano Patagonia: Wild Coast Residence as a special property and featuring us in their amazing collection! ThePerfectHideaway offers a curated collection of beautiful, well designed spaces from around the world. It is a true privilege to be included! https://www.theperfecthideaway.com/oceanopatagonia