Oceano Patagonia


Enjoy our Free Peninsula Valdés Guide: Your Adventure Starts Here!

Peninsula Valdés offers wild adventures year-round and our award-winning, eco-hotel provides you with the best starting point from which to enjoy your personalized experience. Océano Patagonia is situated in the heart of the reserve, on the beach, and each of our suites offers you breathtaking views of the ocean. An oasis on the Patagonian coast, our investments in environmentally-friendly and sustainable energy sources ensures that your stay is super comfortable while reducing the impact of tourism in this sensitive zone. Here at Océano Patagonia, you’ll find yourself surrounded not only by Patagonia’s rugged beauty, but by a plethora of wildlife, easily accesible and amazing to behold. Learn more about the tours, activities and wildlife of the region by downloading our free, Peninsula Valdés Adventure Guide. Follow this link: Océano Patagonia: Your Adventure Starts Here!

¡Hola! Gracias por contactarnos! Si le gustaría hospedarse sobre la playa en el eco-hotel Océano Patagonia, por favor, nos envía su email, fechas y cantidad de huéspedes. Le pasaré a le brevedad detalles del disponibilidad y el valor del alojamiento a su email.

Hi! Thank you for contacting us! If you would like to stay on the beach in the eco-hotel Océano Patagonia, please, send us your email, dates and number of guests in your party. We will respond shortly to your email with availability and the value of your accomodation.
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