Oceano Patagonia


The Penguins of the Peninsula

The Magellanic Penguin colony at Estancia San Lorenzo is one of our guests’ favourite adventures at Océano Patagonia. Just a short drive from our beachfront eco-hotel, our visitors have an unequalled opportunity to experience these intriguing creatures in their own habitat: a healthy colony that is growing every year. Right here on the shores of Peninsula Valdés, thousands of penguins nest, reproduce and care for their young from September to March. Join the excellent guides at Estancia San Lorenzo to learn first hand about the penguins’ behaviours and reproductive cycle. While at the Estancia, you can also enjoy a delicious Patagonian roast lamb, one of the best meals in Argentina.

Enjoy this fantastic video and join us this March to see the penguins before they migrate! For more information or to confirm availability, contact us: info@oceanopatagonia.com