Oceano Patagonia


Autumn Adventures at Océano Patagonia

March and April offer a quieter experience of the unique environment on Península Valdés. The summer crowds have disappeared, yet March still offers excellent beach weather and April brings fresher temperatures for land and sea exploration. Diving, snorkeling with sea lions, windsurfing, kayak and stand up paddle offer great ways to get out on and into the ocean. Salt flats, fossil-filled caves, and long beach hikes with breathtaking views all await you, as do the Peninsula’s incredible fauna. Come enjoy:


From mid-February until the end of April, you have a chance to see the “surf-hunting” Orcas of Peninsula Valdés in Punta Norte. This pod of Orcas, world-renowned for their unique behaviour, hunt Sea Lion pups by surfing in on the waves and intentionally beaching themselves to capture their prey. One of the most difficult and sought after sightings, this spectacular natural phenomenon summons photographers, documentary filmmakers and scientists from around the world.


Our closest colony is filled with Penguins and their ever-growing babies until just after Easter. Based at Estancia San Lorenzo, first enjoy an estancia lunch of patagonian lamb roasted on open flames, and then take a tour with one of their knowledgeable conservation guides through the colony’s nests down to the beach inside one of the most important Magellanic Penguin colonies on the Península.

Sea Lions 

Both the colony at Punta Norte and Punta Piramídes are full of growing Sea Lion pups learning to swim, and to avoid Orcas. Whether visiting the colony five minutes from Océano Patagonia, or the colony at the most northern tip of the Peninsula, watching the pups and adults interact in their natural environment offers hours of entertainment.

Elephant Seals 

One of the largest and most remarkable marine creatures, the Elephant Seal colony at Punta Delgado provides rare access to watch and listen to the only continental breeding population of Southern Elephant Seals in the world. Enormous creatures, the males can be over 20 feet long and weigh up to 4.5 tons (seven time heavier than the largest living land carnivore, the polar bear). Elephant Seals are the deepest diving air-breathing non-cetacean and have been recorded diving at a maximum of more than 2,000 metres.

Land and Air 

There is an enormous diversity of birds crossing the Península in this season as they migrate. Enjoy seeking them out along the coast and inland in the salt flats, where you will easily come across Guanacos and perhaps have the luck to see Mara (the fourth largest rodent in the world and related to Guinea Pigs), Hairy Armadillos and small Grey Foxes.

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